A Warm Welcome to our Guests!

Dear Guests,

We are honored and pleased that you have chosen to spend your holidays in Santorini at our family house, «The Monolithos Villa»! We hope that you have a good time and that you enjoy your stay with us.


A House Manual in English language will guide our guests about the operation of systems and what to do in case of problems.

Names & telephone numbers for the maid, House Master, Waterman, Gardener, Doctor, Police, hair parlor, car & motorbike rental etc. are also to be found in this Manual.

  1. General Description. The Villa has three levels, up to ten people can be accommodated.
    • Lower (ground) level with the with an auxiliary storage room [not for our guests] and where the water pump expansion chamber is located, plus the Separate Apartment [SA] with its own entrance. It is also connected to the main house via an internal stairway. Within the SA are two double beds, kitchenette and WC. In the SA there is a ceiling fan plus a pedestal fan, a DTV set and a small refrigerator.
    • Middle level where the main entrance is with a surrounding freshly retiled veranda a shaded pergola and an auxiliary umbrella. By the side of the garden hose is the cistern tiled cover. To open it [just for checking the water level if need be] you need to use 4 special T-handle tools, to be found on the fireplace mantle. Please ensure not to misplace these! By unscrewing and removing the 4 bolts and then screwing in the T-handle tool you can lift the cover one can inspect the fresh water level (non-potable). Inside the Villa is the Living Room [LR], Master Bedroom (king size bed & electrically reclining), Master Bathroom and Kitchen. In the LR there is Air Con and a new LCD 32’’ DTV plus the land line telephone and Wi-Fi router. In the MB there is also Air Con and another DTV set. In the Bathroom there is a Whirlpool clothes washer, while in the Kitchen a Whirlpool dish washer. The Main Electric Fuse Panel is located between the MB and the Bathroom doors & the TP-Link Range Extender in the corridor.
    • Upper level with the Mezzanine (double bed), Bedroom (two single beds) with a ceiling fan, and a bathroom. In the terrace is the combined cycle solar panel/electric hot water tank.
  2. Water, Sewer, Electrics, Appliances and more.
    • Water is scarce in dry Santorini island. Hence, we urge our guests to conserve water. The Villa has its own independent water system via a cistern, but non-potable. The water level is monitored by the Gardener (Mr. Martin). Nevertheless, for your own peace of mind, by lifting the cistern cover [see above 1.2], the water level can be checked. The colleague who comes with his water truck to replenish it is Mr. Lakis +30 6972 498 335. He is charging €30,00 per truck load, but Guests are not obliged to pay him.
    • Similarly, the Villa has its own independent septic tank sewage system. Hence it is IMPERATIVE NOT TO TROW TOILET PAPERS (or any other objects) in the toilet bowls! Instead please use the appropriate waste bins in each bathroom! A sewer clogging incident can be very unpleasant for our guests, and costly to remedy.
    • Electrics. As mentioned, the Main Electric Fuse Panel is located in the corridor between the MB and the Bathroom doors. In case that more hot water is needed, you can turn on the HOT WATER Should for any reason (for ex. a short circuit) the MAINS RELAY, trips, all you have to do is raise the switch back to on.
    • Hot Water. As mentioned there is a combined cycle solar panel/electric hot water tank. The summer sun provides enough energy to keep an adequate supply of hot water. Nevertheless to mention, if many showers are taken simultaneously, the electric cycle might be required to kick in. Please remember to turn OFF the HOT WATER breaker when such is not required. Usually within 15-20 minutes the water gets hot. Please help to conserve energy!
    • Similarly, the Villa has many lights both indoor and outdoor. When venturing outside, please turn off all the unnecessary lights.
    • Although the Monolithos neighborhood is considered safe, please take care of your precious items. Lock the doors when departing and leave the stairway, veranda and garage lights on at night. Always remember to turn off the lights upon your return and before going to bed. We usually leave the outer fence Gate open. Closing the Gate at night might be a bit inconvenient, but feel free to do so if such will add to your sense of security.
    • Appliances. For all the appliances there is a User’s Manual in the pink dossier. Please consult them especially for using the Dish Washer ADP 450 [read the instruction manual] and the Clothes Washer AWE 71021 GR [also please read the instruction manual]. Special Note for using the Clothes Washer: There is no permanent drain pipe connection! Hence ensure to place the ‘goose necked’ drain hose on the toilet bowl after raising the seat. Upon placing the ‘goose necked’ in the toilet bowl ensure to close both the seat and cover! After the end of the wash cycle, place the hose back to its raised position, thus ensuring no water leakage on the floor! There is an adequate supply of detergents for both washers near-by each appliance.
    • TV use. All the available DTV and radio programs have been preselected. In case that an LCD TV screen needs cleaning, please use the appropriate KIT (located in the wooden trunk by the main entrance door). Using the DTV sets requires the use of their respective remote controls.
    • Kitchen Range. This is of a ceramic type and requires special care. Please read the instruction manual if needed.
    • Land Line Telephone. The Monolithos Villa tel. number is: +30 22860 31927. You can only make complimentary local calls through this line but can be receiving calls from anywhere. Keep the hand set on its base to ensure proper charge at all times.
    • Free WI-Fi: Name conn-x9806a8, Password is: WPA printed on the router label or underside of the device. Same password is used for the TP-LINK EXTENDER.
    • Convenience tip. In case you are carrying heavy shopping supplies, it might be easier to use the upper driveway and park the car outside of the Master Bedroom.
  3. In Case of Emergency & other info
    • Police Dept. +30 22860 22649
    • Fire Brigade +30 22860 33199
    • OTE (Hellenic Telecoms) +30 22860 22135, Support 13888
    • Public Power Corp. (Electricity) +30 22860 22258
    • Medical Center & Ambulance (Fira) +30 22860 60300/4
    • Pharmacies (Fira): +30 22860 23444, 22860 22700, 22860 25310, 22860 24501.
    • On the Internet:,,,, (smart phone App).
    • Car Rental: Hertz (airport) +30 22860 22221, AVIS (near airport) +30 22860 28393, Vazeos Car-Moto Rental (Oia) +30 22860 71200
    • TAXI’s (Fira): +30 22860 22555
    • Airport: +30 22860 28400
    • A NOTE of CAUTION: upon departing from the Villa heading towards the Airport or the towns, the first intersection has a STOP Nevertheless, the visibility is limited (especially to the Left). Hence, be extra careful!
  1. Our Contacts. Our primary concern is to ensure our guests well-being, safety and a happy stay in Santorini. Please do not hesitate to call any of us for whatever reason, question or concern. The below Tel. Numbers are our personal mobile phones, suitable also for SMS texting:
    • Byron Riginos +30 6945 93 03 03,
    • Ivi Strongyli-Riginos +30 6932 21 78 79,
    • Dimitris Beis (son) + 30 6945 552800,
    • House Master & Gardener (Mr. Martin) & Maid (Ms. Veta, Martin’s wife) +30 694 7221913. Alternatively, if need be, you can call Martin’s multilingual niece Ms. Esmeralda at +30 695 8690845. When you call either of them please mention «From Monolithos Villa», and «Byron» or « Ms. Ivi» as keywords.

  1. Additional info on Santorini

What to do in 3 days (aka cheat sheet) but also strongly suggest to read our Guidebook here:

1) Early dinner at Ammoudi (Katina or Dimitris)

2) Dinner at Metaksy mas

3) Dine al fresco with a view of the volcano at one of the fine dining restaurants (see below)

4) Tour the wineries

5) Chill at the beach!!!

6) Combine ancient ruins with a day at the beach and some nice beach-side seafood restaurant.


• Fish

Skaramangas. This is a fresh fish, old style taverna, within walking distance from the Villa, just above the Monolithos Beach! Mr. Vangelis (the owner) does his own fishing daily. His wife Sofia [our Land Lady] speaks English fluently. Tell them that you are friends of Ivi and Byron and Dimitris Beis. Tel. +30 22860 31750.

Dixtia ( Very nice fish tavern on Perivolos beach, ideal for a meal before, after or during your stay at the beach. Supplied with 100% fresh vegetables and fish and with excellent Cretan tsipouro!

Psaraki ( A modernized version of the typical Greek fish tavern in a very beautiful setting, overlooking a small port and the sea. On a clear day you can even see Crete.

Ammoudi Dimitris: Well the Huffington post said it all, ( Make sure you book, and ideally a table with a sunset view. We prefer to go for early dinners to combine it with the sunset views.

• Greek Cuisine

Akteon: Very cozy 90+ year old, traditional restaurant in the middle of Firostefani with cooked meats and some very delicious Santorini dishes. Choose either the patio or the Caldera view and engage on Greeks’ favorite pastime: Watching passers-by! Call Mr. Evangelos for reservation+30 22860 22336.

Metaksi mas ( By far my favorite on the island, a modern version of the typical Santorini cuisine. A bit hard to find (so ask before you go) but very popular with the locals (so book before you go!) is well worth a visit. Definitely need to book 2-3 days in advance!

Krinaki ( Set in the heart of the small village Finikia, this cozy tavern offers the best meat on the island prepared by Mr Antonis the owner. A bit hard to find but again with good directions no problem. Follow up by heading to Potamos, a hidden gem bouzouki place!! Opaaa!

Anogi ( In Imerovigli on the main square, lovely Greek cuisine restaurant with nice patio for al fresco dining. Book in advance or queue, the choice is yours but the food won’t disappoint!

• Fine dining

Selene ( Award winning Gourmet restaurant located in Pyrgos, a fusion between local and European cuisine owned by one of the biggest fans of the local produce. You can choose between the “Food & meze” section for something more casual or the main restaurant for the ultimate gastronomic experience!

– Koukoumavlos ( Similar to Selene but with a view on the Caldera, great food not so great prices but a must go!!

1800 ( A nice restaurant in Oia, full of awards with a great roof garden much more convenient if you re staying in Oia. To be honest I haven’t been there in a while so my experience might not be as accurate. Reviews range from overrated to super romantic.

• New Additions

Assyrtiko: ( Becoming a fan of this place slowly-slowly as it’s food is improving with time. Located by the Cathedral in Fira; also has a balcony overlooking the Caldera, which you should try and get seated on.

– Oozora: The sister restaurant of one of Athens’ top sushi places has made its debut last summer on the premises of Santorini Secret Hotel ( in Oia. If Zuma & Nobu type of places are your thing, proceed swiftly and enjoy!!


– Tango: Mainstream bar on the Caldera in Fira. Gets pretty crowded during the peak season but is a perfect spot to either end an early evening after dinner or warm up for a drinking marathon.

Mary Kay: Set in an old butcher shop in Oia, this place is a typical island bar, with relaxed atmosphere and great cocktails. You can either sit inside, enjoy the music and dance or if you re after something more relaxed, sit outside and enjoy the warm summer and your cold drink.

Kira Thira: Jazz bar in Fira, good for a relaxed drink. One of my usuals but then again i live here during off peak season as well!!

Casablanca: Historic disco/club always has a good line up of dj’s.

Koo Club: Enigma’s arch rival (you guessed it, opposite Enigma) seems to have a lot of traction with tourists as it provides a inside area (with a dancing pole if you re drunk enough) and comfy couches outside (in case you want to pass out).

• BEACHES & Beach Bars

The most convenient beach of Monolithos is located within walking distance, only 150m from the Villa. If you have a family with small children, the Monolithos beach is your ideal destination. As a result of its shallow waters, big waves do not reach the beach. There is also an organized playground keeping kids busy until 7 o’clock in the evening. For teenagers or adults, there are beach volleyball and basketball courts, as well as a soccer field.
Scenery: Spacious flat beach with dark-colored fine-grained sand and shallow waters, quiet and very well organized. Beach chairs are not too close one with another, so there is enough room for walking in between.

Alternatively we mostly tend to go to Perivolos beach, a 10km strip on the south side of the island with both quiet and busy spots and bars. The best beach bar there is called Seaside: Also next to it is the lounge-bar-restaurant Anemos Next best alternative is Wet Stories, although a bit more noisy and crowded.

Alternatively you can go to Vlyhada beach (again, on the south part of the island) very nice beach as well has a small and quiet beach bar you will enjoy very much. Top (and only) beach bar is Theros: Book your sun beds before going to avoid disappointment Actually now that i think of it, a breathtaking scenery, so ‘a must go’!!!


1)   Tour the island’s wineries. Santorini is the oldest vineyard of Europe and operations are done like in no other place on earth. Ten wineries operate on the island, which should be enough for you to learn all there is about local varieties and grape growing practices (let alone to get you drunk!). If you choose to do it by yourself, firstly visit our friend Yannis Valabous at Vassaltis Vineyards in the village of Vourvoulo; then visit Boutari, Gavala, Gaia wineries before heading to Sigalas winery for wine tasting accompanied by lunch. More info here:

2) Hiking: If hiking is your thing (or even if not), then walk from Fira (the capital) to Oia. About 10km, should take you about 2 hours. Not very demanding, will give you the chance to enjoy great views and a nice day out. The path is clearly marked and all you have to do is follow the signs. Bar flip flops, any type of shoe will do.

3) Finally, visit the ancient ruins in AkrotiriThe site just opened last year after 8 years of further excavations. Make sure you book a guide, and make sure the slot you book is at a time that you will avoid the masses of tourists from the cruise ships.

Whatever you end up doing, make sure to enjoy your stay in Magic SANTORINI !! 😎

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