Driving Instructions for finding Monolithos Villa

A/ From the Santorini Airport.

After exiting from the terminal building, you come to the main intersection/Airport Entrance/Exit. Stop and Zero the Kilometer counter! Turn RIGHT and drive along the Airport fence (being on the right hand side). At 0,7 km in front of the V intersection you will see this sign:

First intersection, keep right

First intersection, keep right

Continue driving RIGHT along the Airport fence (which is on the right hand side). At 1.2 km there is a T intersection and this sign:

Turn LEFT! Continue downhill on the asphalt road for just 300m. At 1.5 km speedometer marking you will see a non-asphalt T intersection on the right hand side.

fullsizeoutput_8e2bTurn RIGHT and continue for 200m. until you reach the Monolithos Villa Gate! Should the Gate be closed, just manually slide it open (not locked) and enter into the driveway.



The Villa looks like this:


For unloading your luggage more conveniently, drive past the Garage door and main stairway, through the upper driveway. Stop at the veranda stairs for unloading your stuff with ease.

The upper driveway

The upper driveway

B/ From the Athinios Port.

After exiting from the Ferry Boat, just follow the signs initially to OIA and the AIRPORT. Once arriving at the Airport main intersection/Airport Entrance/Exit, Stop and Zero the Kilometer counter! Then follow the same route instructions as above!

A Google Map of the area is HERE!

Monolithos_Beach_Droneview-Mile Cvetkovic

Aerial view of Monolithos Beach and the Villa marked in red

  • Please make sure to advise us of your arrival date and time well in advance, so that our House Master will be at the Villa to greet you, assist, show you around and hand you the keys!
  • The below Tel. Numbers are our personal mobile phones, suitable also for SMS texting:
  • Ditto for your departure time.

Important Safety Notice! When you exit the Villa for heading towards the Airport and other island destinations, you come to the same T intersection with the blue «ΠΟΡΑΣ» sign and our MONOLOITHOS VILLA blue sign, but this time from the opposite direction! There is a STOP sign there but visibility is very poor. Make sure that you stop completely and check for traffic from the LEFT and then from the RIGHT! The dangerous intersection looks like this [note the Airport fencing]:

IMG_2379Other Important Driving Tips: Note though that during the summer months the island is crowded and the narrow streets are congested. Parking in main town areas is difficult. In addition, many tourist drivers, often are absent minded, or have lost their way [hence either stopping suddenly or turning without proper signaling]. Be extra cautious if you rent a motorbike. Also be extra careful of other bikers! Many bike rentals are driven by persons with little or no experience, driving in unfamiliar and often dangerous roads!

 Be cool, stay concentrated and don’t mix drinking & driving.

 Enjoy your stay in Santorini safely!

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